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Your Stories: StageSong

When a teacher at Park High School, Stanmore, booked her class of music students onto our Stagesong creative learning project, she hoped to incentivise them to consider further music study. The students attended Matilda the Musical and worked with professional lyricists and composers in their classroom to produce their own musical theatre songs. More than half of participants went on to choose GCSE Music, which the teacher, Lyndsay Gillot believes was due to the enthusiasm and creative relationships resulting from Stagesong.

One of these students was Andriana; a young musician involved with the school’s ensemble bands and choirs. Although Andriana clearly enjoyed her playing and was committed to extra-curricular music, she lacked self-confidence and opportunities to challenge and express her musical capabilities. Lyndsay, Andriana’s Music teacher, told us how Stagesong empowered Andriana:

“Although Andriana had always been a quietly creative person, the structure of the <Stagesong> workshops and challenge of having to write songs gave her the platform to transform these ideas into a final project… She and some fellow students have since formed a production team with the aim of turning their five songs from their project into a complete show.

The passion, determination and practical skills she learnt from Stagesong have equipped her to persist. Andriana has opted to take Music GCSE next year, and is no longer anxious about her abilities."










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