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Your Stories: TL4£5 & WE4£10

Matthew's Story
Actor Matthew Rowland joined Mousetrap’s theatregoing club WestEnd4£10 in 2010, whilst in his second year of college. End of the Rainbow was Matthew’s first trip with Mousetrap and an important memory: “That was a massively inspiring performance for me at that stage of my training, because it was so honest and raw. And it wasn’t necessarily something I would have gone to without the offer. It’s great that Mousetrap provides a real blend of different things to see.”

Since graduating, Matthew is working as a professional actor, currently at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where he is an ensemble member and Assistant Children’s Director, helping the youngest cast members hone their skills. At Mousetrap’s relaxed performance of Charlie in January 2016, he was struck most by the energy and enthusiasm on this special night:

“In the cast warm-up, we could already feel the energy of people arriving. When Charlie finds his ticket and everybody clapped and cheered- everyone was with you in a way that you knew they were completely engaged in the story. To hear that response and to look out and see all those families was amazing. I wish we could do it more often! If you ever have a bad day, it helps you remember: actually, I’ve got a duty bigger than I thought I had. It’s not just about us.”

Having discovered WestEnd4£10 while already on his path to the theatre industry, Matthew counts himself lucky to have had that head start. “Knowing that Mousetrap is there for people who might never have those experiences otherwise, is great. WestEnd4£10 enhanced my journey. I will always remember those visits and hold those moments dear, and today I love what Mousetrap stands for and what it does for young people.” 





Ruth's Story
Ruth discovered Mousetrap by joining our TheatreLive4£5 theatregoing club for 15-18 year olds, and then graduated onto WestEnd4£10 once she was 19. Ruth then applied to us for work experience and she feels her time in our office was an important factor in securing a university place at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). She later returned for a further three months as a student intern during her degree course at LIPA.  During this second placement, Ruth expanded her experience, growing in confidence as she took on new challenges and developed useful new skills.  With a specific interest in dance, one of her assignments was to support our Head of Creative Learning on a Playthecritic – Dance project.

Ruth graduated with a degree in Entertainment Management from LIPA and is now working for a dance company as a coordinator and administrator.

“Mousetrap Theatre Projects has been vital to me and my involvement in the arts. As a child I was an avid theatregoer and Mousetrap made it easier and more affordable for me through the TL4£5 and WE4£10 programmes… Had it not been for Mousetrap Theatre Projects, I probably wouldn’t have explored other opportunities so early on and now I am working within the arts industry. I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have been given through working with them.”


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