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The Wind In The Willows Relaxed Performance, January 2015

The Wind In The Willows Relaxed Performance took place on Sunday 11th January, 2015 at the Vaudeville Theatre

133 families joined Badger, Ratty, Mole, Toad and the other creatures of the Riverbank for a relaxed afternoon at the theatre.

"As always the Mousetrap team were excellent. Very professional, organised, kind and caring. We love coming to the relaxed performances, it enable us to go out as a family, spending quality time together, enjoying the shows without the stress & worry of my son making too much noise or moving up & down when he gets excited.. A BIG well done to everyone involved in making this possible."

"I would like to thank Mousetrap for putting on relaxed performances as its important for Luke to experience lots of things in life but we stopped going to the theatre with him as he cant sit quietly and we feel its not fare on the other members of the audience. But now we don't have to worry its brilliant."

"Mousetrap made a huge difference to our enjoyment of a play we would otherwise have struggled (emotionally and financially) to attend. Well done and thank you !"

“A relaxing afternoon on the riverbank… What – in January?  Ah but this was in the cosy confines of the Vaudeville Theatre in London to see The Wind in the Willows.  For once we went en famile and yes, amazingly it was relaxing – why?  Because it was the first time we have ever attended a special ‘relaxed’ theatre performance and going on today’s experience it hopefully won’t be the last….”

Read more about this family’s experience at our relaxed performance and other stories from the blog ‘Ellen’s Days – Days with my Autistic Daughter’ here.

If you see pictures of yourself here and would like a copy, juts get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

Resources were avaiable, to help families prepare for their visit:

  • Guide to the Lights, Sounds & Scary Bits - To make you aware of all the parts of the show where the lighting, sound or content might be distressing for your young people and parts that you might want to make them aware of or dicuss with them before your visit. 
  • Visual Story A booklet that helps to prepare for the experience of travelling to and visiting a theatre.
  • For more general information about the show see the Royal Opera House’s webpage HERE

About a Relaxed Performance

"...my son who is severely autistic and ordinarily finds these outings rather a trial.  We all had such a wonderful evening.  It was so great to be able to relax myself and not have to worry about whether or not my son was going to launch into one of his yodels or cackles of laughter...all in all that has got to be our best family outing this year - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Relaxed Performances are for families with one or more children with special needs. They are designed to provide an opportunity for people with autism, learning difficulties or other sensory and communication needs who require a more relaxed environment. 

  • Elements of production are adjusted to accommodate those with sensory difficulties
  • Free support resources provided to help families prepare for their visit
  • Families have direct contact with the project manager to ensure all requirements and needs are met
  • The atmosphere of the day is supportive and understanding
  • Trained volunteers and staff to help at the event
  • Time-out areas for young people to go if they are feeling overwhelmed

This performance was generously supported by

The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation

And the Society Of London Theatre 

With thanks to Nimax Theatres, the Royal Opera House and CMP Limited

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