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School of Rock


This page is for people attending our stageseen days for deaf and hard of hearing young people at School of Rock. We hope these resources will be useful in supporting your trip to the theatre. If there are any additional resources you would like us to provide, just let us know.


Getting to City Lit (20th September)

Keeley Street, London WC2B 4BA  


Getting to Pineapple Studios (11th October) 

7 Langley St, London WC2H 9JA

  • TFL Journey Planner
  • PARKING - the best car park to use is the NCP Covent Garden, which is right beside the New London Theatre. You can pre-book a space, but please note that height restrictions apply.
  • PLEASE NOTE - there are roadworks on Langley Street and the road is closed to traffic.
Blue Badge Parking
Please note that although there is blue badge, on-street parking throughout Westminster borough, you cannot reserve a space and so there are no guarantees of spaces being available. Use the Blue Badges Online Map to find spaces nearby. 

Risk Assessment 


Show resources

Language and vocabulary  



Captions are similar to television subtitles and give people who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing access to live performance. The actors’ words appear on an LED caption unit (or units), placed next to the stage or in the set, at the same time as they are spoken or sung. The captions at s will be provided by STAGETEXT and the units are positioned in the two Boxes either side of the stage.

A video by STAGETEXT showing an example of captioning in the theatre (please note at Matilda the caption units are positioned in Boxes either side of the stage).

STAGETEXT captioner, Alex Romeo, describes the work that goes into captioning a show:

Contact Us

Mousetrap Theatre Projects
33 Shaftesbury Avenue,

Visitors: Entrance is on Rupert Street

t: 020 7632 4111
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Also, find us here:

Registered charity number 1053434