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Creative Learning


PowerPlay is a theatre-inspired education programme for students in Pupil Referral Units and Hospital Schools, using the theatre production as a teaching resource.

PowerPlay can address any theme of the teacher’s choice, including any specific social issues relevant to the group, study specific drama skills and work on soft-skills such as non-verbal communication, imagination, confidence or working in a team. The emphasis of most projects is on building trust, positive working relationships and social cohesion. 

We take the lead from the teachers who identify the needs of their group and guide the aims of the project and themes to be explored. They then work in close collaboration with two theatre artists experienced in meeting the needs of challenging young people, to deliver a series of classroom-based practical workshops.  Each programme is tailor-made and highly flexible.

The workshop programme can run for an intensive period over 1-2 weeks or across a term with weekly sessions.

"Students worked well together in a number of role-play activities. This led to students discussing their feelings and emotions, which successfully developed their vocabulary as they started to write their own poetry. This was a lively and unusual lesson that successfully encouraged the students to express themselves and to widen their vocabulary. All participated well and enjoyed the challenges presented." – Ofsted Report, April 2012

General Outline of Project

  • Pre-planning meeting between Mousetrap Theatre Projects and the teacher, to identify the needs of a particular group of students and to consider possible productions.
  • Mousetrap’s project manager then identifies a suitable practitioner; teacher and practitioners meet to discuss specific objectives and possible outcomes and to develop a time-line of activities.  The workshop programme can be highly flexible, both in terms of theme and structure. 
  • Workshops begin (These can be over an itensive period of 1-2 weeks, or be weekly sessions built in to the lesson schedule)
  • At an appropriate time during the workshop programme the group attend the chosen production.
  • At the conclusion of the project, the pupils might make a short presentation of their work, which could be recorded by photographs or a video.  Each pupil will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement.
  • Cost: £450 plus £8 per theatre ticket


Statistics from lead Occupational Therapist from Spring Term project 2013

What percentage of students would you say gained improved confidence in:

  • Working as part of a group - 80%-100%
  • Sharing ideas with a group - 60%-80%         
  • Expressing themselves physically - 80%-100%
  • Going to central London - 80%-100%
  • Trying new things - 60%-80%         
  • Drama skills - 80%-100%

The main achievments as stated by a teacher from the programme in Spring Term 2012:

  • Students who had NEVER engaged with performance before did so.
  • Students who have been disengaged with school produced their first examples of written work, supporting literacy.
  • Students were able to express emotion and feelings through their written work.
  • Students had their first opportunity to attend a theatre production.
  • Students performed their work to peers and adults publically, for the first time.
  • The programme was referenced by OFSTED, who observed a lesson as part of a KS4 inspection.
  • Staff, Headteacher and Executive Head expressed real surprise at the quality and depth of the work produced.
  • Pupil attendence was impressive (with 2 students attending all 12 sessions)
“The practitioners brought a freshness to our unit.  They were positive and vibrant in all activities and our pupils responded to this exciting energy… never feeling vulnerable or exposed. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” Teacher, West Essex PRU
“She has never enjoyed school, but from her first day of PowerPlay it has changed her whole school experience”. Parent

Please contact Jennifer on 020 7632 4122 or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information or to discuss the possibility of a project in or unit. 


Education Programmes

Our subsidised education programmes are bespoke for each school to reflect students’ needs.  Dynamic and experienced directors, composers, actors, storytellers, designers, critics and producers share their skills and expertise with young people, both in and out of the classroom, demonstrating a broad range of methodologies.

With dozens of plays across London to choose from, at just £8 a ticket, teachers can be part of a process exploring all aspects of theatre-making, using theatre productions as a creative resource.

Programmes for 2017/18

Play the Critic StageBusiness StageSong
StageBusinesstumb StageSongthumb

Critical thinking &
review writing

(KS 4 & 5)    

Theatre marketing
(KS3, 4 & 5)

Composing songs
for musicals
(KS 4 & 5)

ActOut DirectIt


Performance Skills
                (KS3, 4 & 5)                     

(KS3, 4 & 5)
Specialist Theatre Skills
(KS3, 4 & 5)
To view or download the Creative Education leaflet please click below.
If you have any difficulty viewing the above issuu version of our Creative Learning leaflet please click here to view a pdf version.


To book for any of our education programmes please contact Keara Fulton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Teachers Preview Club

The Teachers Preview Club retired at the end of April 2015!

As promised, we have compiled a list of alterntaive clubs, memberships and offers that we hope will help you continue to see great theatre at reasonable prices...

Please CLICK HERE to see the pdf document in a new browser.

Thank you for being a part of the Teachers Preview Club over the past 16 years!

Happy theatre-going.

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