Our Policies


Our mission is to provide young people with the opportunity to express themselves creatively within a safe environment.

We are committed to safeguarding and ensuring that all of our projects are delivered with the utmost rigour and care.

We will never:

  • Tolerate bullying of any kind

  • Share any of your personal data without permission to do so

  • Use images of young people or vulnerable adults publicly unless explicit permission is given

  • Breach any young person’s confidentiality unless we feel their health and safety is at risk

We will always:

  • Ensure that everyone who works for Mousetrap understands safeguarding procedures and knows how to respond if they suspect something is wrong. This applies to staff, volunteers and practitioners.

  • Ensure that every member of staff, volunteer and practitioner who works with Mousetrap is DBS checked. We also require new members of staff to undertake Level One safeguarding training to make sure everybody knows how to identify red flags and who to report them to.

Read more about our safeguarding measures and policies in the documents below.

Privacy Policy

Complaints Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Equal Opportunities

Safeguarding & Child Protection