Theatre Guardians


Remember when you fell in love with theatre?

Think back to your first visit to the theatre. The excitement and feeling of awe as you looked around from your plush red seat. The hush as the house lights went down and the orchestra struck up the opening bars.  The sense of being transported into a different, magical world.

The experience and the benefits of attending live theatre cannot be underestimated.

Theatre ignites the imagination and sparks creativity. It uplifts and unleashes endorphins, improving our mood and wellbeing. It enables us to learn and explore new worlds, concepts and ideas. It unites and connects us with our community and with each other.

For many young people and families in London, visiting the theatre is an experience that can seem out of reach: something they can’t afford, can’t access or feel they “don’t belong”.

For our over-burdened state schools, facing ever-increasing financial strain, the opportunity to arrange class theatre trips or participate in drama projects can seem impossible.

For those with additional needs, going to a West End theatre can be a logistical, financial and social challenge too great to tackle.

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Make it Happen

We work with some of the most challenged sections of our London community to break down these barriers and create access and opportunities for young people to enrich their lives through theatre.

Become a Mousetrap Theatre Guardian and you will help us to continue the vital work we do to make theatre accessible to those who need it.

£100: Student Guardian

Could give 10 secondary school students the opportunity to experience a top London theatre production 

£250: Family Guardian

 Could send 5 low-income families on their first outing to a West End show together

£500: Class Guardian

Could take a class of state school students to the theatre including a Q&A with the cast or creative team

£1,000: School Guardian

Could bring a school group to the theatre enhanced by a series of education workshops 

£2,500: SEND School Guardian

Could enable 20 pupils with disabilities and special education needs to take part in a tailor-made theatre project

£5,000: Youth group guardian

Could provide 2 youth groups in deprived London neighbourhoods with a bespoke drama project, including a theatre visit 

£10,000: Guardian Angel

Could underwrite the pilot of a new theatre education programme or sponsor a programme of your choice. 

Please note: These are suggested amounts only. You are welcome to donate an alternative figure.


As a Theatre Guardian you will receive regular updates by email, with news about our latest projects and what your money has helped us to achieve.

You will also be invited to attend showcases and other special events, and see our work in action for yourself!