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Next Stage


Prepare your FE students for employment with Next Stage: specialist drama workshops for SEND


Next Stage uses participatory drama workshops to develop the essential skills and mindset that students need to become workplace ready.

Delivered by our expert Creative Practitioners in collaboration with your staff, the workshops are structured to complement existing programmes for SEND students in FE, such as Supported Internships or Employment Preparation. 

The projects include:

  • Tickets to a West End theatre show of your choice for £8 (mid-week matinee)

  • 8 x 90-minute drama workshops in college 

  • 1 x CPD session for staff

  • Communication Impact workshop

  • Visit to a theatre-related workplace e.g. a West End theatre or theatre marketing agency

Key Outcomes

Through Next Stage, students develop employability skills in several key areas including:

  • Creativity

  • Communication and presentation skills

  • Listening skills

  • Resilience

  • Team-playing

  • Evaluation and goal-setting

Cost = £300 plus £8 per theatre ticket

Glebe School Next Stage
All the things you’ve taught us, I’ll never forget. I’ve got a lot better because of everything we’ve done. That’s really helped me.
— Student from Glebe School, who participated in Next Stage in February 2019
I’ve seen things in the students that I haven’t seen in 2 to 3 years of knowing them.
— Teacher from Bromley College, who we delivered a Next Stage project for in January 2019