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Power Play is a flexible programme for students in Pupil Referral Units and Hospital Schools. The emphasis is on building trust, positive relationships and social cohesion.

The programme involves a theatre trip and a series of classroom workshops, delivered by expert practitioners with specialist experience of working with challenging young people.

Power Play can be tailored to address any theme and set of objectives, including addressing specific social issues, learning specific drama skills or developing key life skills, such as communication skills, creativity and team work. 

Power Play is fully-flexible and the workshops can run for an intensive period over 1-2 weeks, or in weekly sessions over the course of a full term.

How it works

  • We arrange a pre-planning meeting with you (the teacher) to identify the needs of a particular group of students and to consider possible productions.

  • We identify a suitable expert practitioner, who then meets with you to discuss specific needs, objectives and timings of the project, including scheduling your theatre trip.  

  • The programme begins and workshops are delivered, either weekly or more intensively over a period of 1-2 weeks, depending on what has been agreed.

  • The group enjoy a group theatre visit at a suitable point during the programme.

  • Power Play concludes with pupils delivering a presentation of their work, after which they’re awarded with a certificate to celebrate their achievement.

Cost: £250 plus an additional £8 per theatre ticket

For more information, availability and an initial discussion about Power Play please contact us using the form below.

NB: If Power Play isn’t quite right for you but you’re keen to work with us on a project, then please do get in touch with an outline of your needs and any initial ideas you might have.

Power Play projects are about using theatre for change and for creativity, to engage some of the most difficult to reach young people
— Lead Practitioner of Power Play 2015

Our current Power Play projects are funded by Brown Rudnick



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Success Story

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Back in 2015, we delivered a Power Play project uniting students from Milward School and Aspire Academy. Students worked together to co-create a final performance piece inspired by their trip to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, which they performed in front of their peers, parents and teachers at the showcase.

My daughter has never enjoyed school, but Power Play has changed her whole school experience
— A delighted parent's experience of Power Play
Power Play brought a freshness to our unit. The practitioners were positive and vibrant and our pupils responded to this exciting energy… never feeling vulnerable or exposed.
— Teacher at West Essex Pupil Referral Unit