Community Fundraising

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There are lots of easy but impactful ways you can support us, as an individual or alongside others. Anything you’re able to do or donate will help us to make a huge difference to the lives of young people.

Feelgood Fundraising Ideas


Sing your heart out!

Organise a showtunes karaoke night, collect for us after your choir rehearsals or pull out all the stops and put on a show: there are loads of ways you could use your vocal talents to raise some funds for Mousetrap!


Dress the part!

If you’re a teacher, why not organise a theatre-themed dress-up day at school and charge people a nominal fee to participate. It’s a great way to promote and celebrate Drama across the whole school, and a perfect end-of-term treat!


Bake it ‘til you make it!

Budding Bake Off champion? Whip up some Wicked cupcakes and organise a bake sale at your workplace! You could even stage your own mini theatre-themed Bake Off competition and get others in on it too…


Get moving for Mousetrap!

If you need a bit of extra motivation to keep fit and healthy, why not get moving for Mousetrap! You could even team up with with some of your theatre-loving friends and organise a sponsored group walk around all the theatres in London!


Get quizzy with it!

Who doesn’t love a good quiz!! Why not organise a theatre-themed quiz at your workplace or school? It’s a quick and easy way to bring your team together and do some fun fundraising at the same time!


Go on a digital detox!

What better excuse to take a break from digital distractions and go on a sponsored social media sabbatical in aide of Mousetrap! As well as supporting our work, you’re guaranteed to feel so much better as a result - so it’s win win!


Become a Theatre Guardian!

If you’re able to donate £100 or more then become a Theatre Guardian and receive special news and invitations from us throughout the year!


Book tickets through our Encore microsite!

Book tickets through our new microsite on Encore Tickets and we’ll receive of the ticket revenue.

Other easy-peasy ways you could help us…


Set your search engine to Everyclick

Shop through Easy Fundraising: the UK’s largest charity shopping site


Buy gifts through Kindergifts: a new party invitation platform that enables you or your children to get a more meaningful group gift from friends and give to charity at the same time.