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Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances are fully-supported performances adapted especially for people with autism, learning difficulties and other communication needs.


 Our Relaxed Performances are designed to provide an opportunity for young people with autism, learning disabilities or other sensory and communication needs who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. 

Our aim is to offer a supportive, understanding and welcoming atmosphere for all. If you find that the environment of the theatre becomes overwhelming, we will have special arrangements in place to make your theatre experience as enjoyable as possible. 

How a Relaxed Performance differs

  • Adjustments are made to the sound and lighting in the show.

  • Normal rules of theatregoing do not apply, such as having to keep quiet or sit still. Venues also create designated chill out zones outside the auditorium, in case you need to take a break during the performance.

  • Our fully-trained staff and volunteers are there to help and support you throughout the event

  • We provide free support resources to help families prepare for their theatre visit.

  • We also run pre-show workshops and encourage audience members of ALL AGES to join in!

Who can attend

Our Relaxed Performances are open to young people (and their parents and/or carers) with autism, learning disabilities or other sensory and communication needs who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. 


Tickets are subsided and offered at the lowest possible rate. Tickets to our last Relaxed Performance performance ranged from £3-10 per child £6-20 per adult.


We currently offer 2 x Relaxed Performances per year. We work closely with the venues and show producers to plan each performance and ensure we support every aspect of the theatre-going experience. We also arrange subsidised tickets at the lowest possible price.

Forthcoming dates

Our next Relaxed Performance will be in January 2020 and at The School of Rock!

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It was lovely to see children coming out of their comfort zone and enjoying themselves in a social situation that they do not usually get to see.
— Audience member at our Relaxed Performance of Motown The Musical


Latest Performance

Our last Relaxed Performance was in January 2019 at Motown The Musical. It was a truly magical evening - read the full round-up below!


Other Past Performances

Photo by Helen Maybanks

Photo by Helen Maybanks


Our First Relaxed Performance was at Disney’s Shrek back in 2012. We’ve hosted 8 Relaxed Performances since, of shows including Motown The Musical, The Lorax and Mamma Mía!

From the front-of-house team-work and pre-show workshops, to the audience interactions and reactions: Relaxed Performances are like no other. These photos capture just a sense of the magical atmosphere and moments from each event…

The Lorax: 2017

Mamma Mía! 2016

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: 2016

Wind In The Willows: 2015

It was really wonderful to be able to experience the theatre in such a comfortable, relaxed environment, surrounded by people who understood that sitting down for 50 minutes at a time is not easy!
— Tricia Spears, parent